What are the options to view tracks?

To look at route information within TW2, use the ‘Map’ button in the main menu.

Several controls are available within the map screen which allow you to filter and see more detailed lane information:

Zoom In

Zoom in to see more detail in a smaller area. The base map will change to suit the level of detail you select.

Zoom Out

Zoom out to see more routes, and for route planning. The base map will change to suit the level of detail you select.

Full Screen (not yet available on all devices)

Allows the map to fill the whole of your device’s screen.


This menu allows you to hide, or display three types of routes as an overlay on the base map:


UCRs (a.k.a. ORPA, NCH, UMH or Adopted Highway depending on your local authority)

Legacy Routes (These are “inherited” routes from previous versions of Trailwise included for information only)

Simply tick/untick the type(s) of route you wish to display/hide.

Map Layers

This button allows you to change the base map upon which your routes are displayed. The default map “OpenData” is provided by Ordnance Survey and should be adequate for most purposes, but from time to time we may make other base maps available in case you prefer a different map style.

If one map fails to work on a particular occasion, try using another map layer.


Use the first search box to look for place names or a post code.

If you know the Trailwise or TW2 UID, you can use the second search box to look for it.

Share (Not activated yet)

The Share button can be used to print the map section you select, or to share via various platforms.