Privacy and TW2 Data

Other registered TW2 users will be able to see your comments, but they cannot see your address or contact details.

Neither the Green Lane Association Ltd (as the registered Data Controller) nor the TW2 team will make any contact details available to anyone else unless there is a clear and demonstrable need in the interest of protecting the existing lane network or bringing about its proper recording.

The only times that TW2 will make your address details available is to a known person acting in a Magistrates Court, Highway Authority assessment, Public Inquiry or similar tribunal that is considering a change to the recorded rights of way network, or considering a proposal that will regulate the public use of a lane. In most cases, the 'known person' will be a bona fide user association officer or a public authority official.

Instances of where TW2 may divulge your contact details to bona fide officers or officials include, but are not limited to: Stopping up orders, diversion orders, DMMO (Modification orders), TRO (Traffic Regulation Order).

Please BE AWARE that if your user evidence or comments are used in this way, the information may pass into the public domain, in the same way as if you had given evidence yourself directly to the authority concerned. If this is not acceptable to you, simply do not complete user forms or TW2 comments.

It is possible that the officers or authority concerned may contact you directly to confirm details or seek further information. You are not obliged to respond in any way.

If your membership of TW2, TrailWise, or its predecessor Wayfinder has lapsed, this information will continue to be retained and may be used under the same circumstances.

TW2 has 'inherited' User Evidence and comments from the predecessor systems and will continue to act as custodian of this information under similar terms.

TW2 Privacy Policy and Terms of Use can be found in the links at the bottom right of this page