Data Protection and Privacy

TrailWise2 collects some personal data which allows you to register with the service, and subsequently to use it. TrailWise2 never sells any data about you, or makes it available to other people or bodies except as detailed in this and other FAQs. You might also enter further personal data when adding information to TrailWise e.g. disclose your own or others movements.

TrailWise draws your attention to the 'User Evidence' FAQ regarding how and when such data could be used when formally defending rights of way.

The Green Lane Association Ltd is the Data Controller for TrailWise2 for the purposes of the Data Protection Act, Registration Number: Z9046843

Anyone, registered member or not, can request a copy of personal information that TrialWise2 may hold about them. We will need to verify your identity, and may under the law levy a small administrative fee. Please contact the admin team in the first instance.  The information we collect is as follows -

Your Name

TrailWise2 requires this information and stores it on our servers. This information can be viewed in certain places by other registered users who are logged into the system - examples include when you add a comment against a route. Your name is not revealed to non-registered viewers.

Organisation Membership Number

TrailWise2 requires this information and stores it on our servers. Your membership number is never disclosed, except to our administrators for identity and entitlement verification purposes.

Email Address

TrailWise2 requires this information and stores it on our servers in order to maintain contact with you should you wish to reset your password, or in case a member of the Administration Team needs to contact you about an entry you have made.


Users should be aware that by entering comments, they are in effect supplying a form of Personal Information - a description of your whereabouts at some date.


Cookies are small packets of data that TrailWise2 sends to your computer, a common practice in web services. TrailWise2 never uses cookies that can identify you to any sites other than us.

IP addresses

TrailWise2 creates server logs which show your IP address. In addition we may store other information your Web browser passes to us including what you looked at with TW2, what you previously looked at, whether the page request was successful or not, and which browser you used to view the pages.
This data is used internally for admin purposes; statistics, error analysis, security risk detection, and for tracking data changes. Your IP address is never passed outside TrailWise2.

Membership ceased

The information you enter while using TrailWise2 is taken as having been donated for the benefit of all users in perpetuity. If your membership ceases, TrailWise2 will continue to retain that information, and as a consequence the personal data outlined above will be retained under the same conditions, so that the information source is traceable.
TrailWise2 will also continue to retain the option of making such data available for use when defending rights of way, in the limited circumstances.