Disqus and commenting

To use the commenting function in TW2 and/or to upload photographs you will need to register (once) with Disqus. This is free, and there are a number of options to register, which you will see near the foot of the ‘Details’ page for any route.

We recommend registering here www.disqus.com using the same email address as you use for TW2. Registering direct with Disqus enables you to edit your public profile and adjust your privacy settings if required.

Disqus will keep you logged in once you have accepted cookies, the same with TW2 meaning the commenting experience is seamless.

NOTE: Comments will not appear instantly as they have to be moderated, so please don't add twice! If doing multiple comments the same, on different routes, alternate a full stop as you can't leave the exact same comment twice in succession (spam blocking).

Comments will be subject to moderation by GLASS, who reserve the right to refuse or remove comments which are considered inappropriate. Photographs may be added to users’ comments and uploaded via Disqus. Note that comments and photos will be visible to all users and may be divulged to official bodies for legal purposes or as user evidence in support of Definitive Map Modification Orders.