Terms Of Use

The Service

In these terms, 'The Service' means the information storage and retrieval system known as 'TrailWise or TW2' and any aliases of it; this includes web-based (internet) and standalone (offline) components, and text or graphical representations of its information content.
The Service is provided on an 'as is' and 'as available' basis; facilities, features and content may be added, withdrawn, or changed without notice.

For a more general and informal description of the Service, its purpose and uses, see the online 'FAQ' About Trailwise.

Data Copyright

All Materials on the Site are owned by the Green Lane Association Ltd or its licensors or suppliers. They are copyrighted and protected by UK and international intellectual property laws, treaties and conventions. You may not copy, adapt, reverse engineer, modify, display, perform, transmit, frame, distribute, resell, commercially exploit or otherwise use the Materials in any manner whatsoever, except as expressly permitted herein, without the prior written permission of the relevant rights holder(s).

Accuracy of Information

This Service gathers, stores, and displays information from the community for user's convenience only.
TrailWise management takes steps to encourage responsible data entry, and maintain data integrity.

However, by the nature of the information and the community contribution methods, neither TrailWise operators, contributors nor authors can take responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the data held. Any consequences that arise from any use of this data is at the user's own risk.
All users are strongly advised to independently verify information before relying on it.

Use of Service and Information

The Service is provided for personal use only and access is based on agreement to adhere to the Code of Conduct on our website. If logins are shared or a user breaks our code of conduct access to TW2 may be revoked without warning.

Users must not redistribute or publish information provided by the Service - it has been provided by volunteers for the benefit of the Service's community.

Commercial exploitation is forbidden - the Service is not-for-profit, with voluntary contributions.

Individual users must not share their access (login) with others - the Service runs as a community, others are encouraged to join us in their own right.

Abuse of the highways themselves is beyond this community's control, but irresponsible user's access may be withdrawn at the discretion of TrailWise management. In this context, associated organisation's Codes of Conduct will be used as models of responsible behaviour.

Abuse of the Service will not be tolerated; 'abuse' can include (but is not limited to) supply of false or misleading information, attempts to 'hack' or otherwise interfere with service provision, attempts to automatically capture or 'scrape' information, defamatory, indecent or offensive contributions, breaches of other user's privacy or security, etc.

Users must not keep copies of material from the Service after their access is terminated - it will in any case become out-of-date.

Usage of the Service may be monitored or logged, including views and alterations made by users, for data integrity and system security reasons. Records may also include information about the user, such as IP address. Attempts to circumvent such monitoring will be viewed as contrary to these terms.

Breaches of these terms may result in termination of access without notice.


Users are positively encouraged to add to the Service, this a community project and users are expected to give as well as take.

Copyright ownership (e.g. of author's comments, programmer's coding, photographer's images) will continue to reside with the original owner.
However, the act of contribution will be taken to mean the contributor has granted a non-exclusive licence in perpetuity for their contribution to be used by the Service and its ongoing users for their usual purposes, this includes other websites and publications connected with GLASS. That licence may in some circumstances include making copies of the material available to a court, authority, or user organisation representative for the purpose of protection or enhancement of public highways..

Users downloading, copying or otherwise using material from the Service must respect the originators copyright.
In the event of closure of this Service, contributions (or an archive version) may be entrusted to a successor Service or to a suitable Right of Way related organisation, with similar conditions imposed.

In summary, the Service may keep and use any contributions forever, but cannot sell them on.

User Identity

Only limited service is provided to anonymous internet users.

Full service is available to registered users. To obtain registration, users are required to offer proof of membership of the Green Lane Association Limited (GLASS). Registrations thought to be false or fraudulent may be terminated without notice. Confirmation of membership will be periodically re-confirmed for continued entitlement.

Proper care will be taken with personal details supplied for registration, as described elsewhere under 'Privacy Privacy'. In particular, the Service is subject to UK Data Protection law.

Entitlement to Service

Entitlement to access the service may be at various levels for different types of GLASS membership, at the discretion of the TrailWise2 management. All registered users must be members of GLASS.

Any entitlement may be withdrawn or downgraded at any time at the discretion of the TrailWise management, but this would usually be because of a breach of conditions or a change of circumstance.

A working email address is required for initial registration; in order to retain continued access users must ensure they remain contactable either at this address, or at a replacement address provided by them

Availability of Service

TrailWise operators strive to provide a continuous service.
However, there are no guarantees as to Service availability or continuity, nor that the Service is or will be made compatible with all of the choices of access path (browsers, networks, equipment etc.) that are available to users.


Users must agree to these terms on first registration, and periodically afterwards. A record will be kept of this acceptance.

TrailWise management reserve the right to modify the Terms of Use from time to time, and without prior notice. Users not agreeing to any changes must stop using the Service. Registered users will be advised of significant changes in these terms.

Use of the Service and these Terms of Use shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom. In the event any dispute shall arise from the use of the Service, the venue and jurisdiction shall lie within the United Kingdom, specifically to the present registered address of The Green Lane Association Ltd.

Updated 20th June 2018